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SeaVision Underwater Solutions employs a wide range of underwater investigation techniques to satisfy the specific objectives of every project and to meet the individual needs of every client. The diverse network of businesses that we serve has come to rely heavily on our ability to collect, process, and interpret underwater information from a variety of remote sensing, sampling, and video investigation techniques.

Drawing upon nearly 16 years of professional experience supporting dive and salvage operations, executing surveys and investigations, and planning and implementing engineering, design, and construction projects, President and Founder Jeffrey Snyder has dedicated the past eight years to SeaVision Underwater Solutions - delivering value-added management solutions to ensure that our survey activities, analysis, and expertise most effectively support our clients' project objectives as well as their more broadly defined business goals.

Our experience, reputation and prior professional successes; the resources, vessels, and technology at our disposal; and the breadth and expertise of our professional network, are just some of the ways we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and the competition.


SeaVision's future success depends on our team's fluency in the solutions we provide and in the science and technology that make them possible. We're always working to better equip our team with comprehensive technical and operational understandings of a wide range of industry standard:

  • Sidescan, single-beam, and multi-beam SONARs
  • Navigational systems (GPS, DVL, etc.)
  • Vibracore and Van Veen (power grab) sampling equipment
  • Remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs)
  • Computer processors, hardware, and software
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Research Vessels

Our primary vessel, Nisqually is a 27' Armstrong aluminum catamaran designed and developed specifically for conducting marine research. When the surface or subsurface conditions of a particular project demand additional maneuverability, we occasionally rely on either of two smaller vessels. Although we aren't by any means limited to the following list, we already have extensive experience mobilizing to:

  • NOAA Research Vessels
  • UNOLS Research Vessels
  • Offshore Dynamically Positioned Vessels
  • Inshore Dredging and Construction Barges
  • Offshore Salvage and Construction Barges
Nisqually   Lady Red

Additional Resources

SVUS is always open to professional collaborations within our extensive professional network of satisfied clients and esteemed colleagues.

We look forward to the training, educational, and networking opportunities available to us through our new neighbors at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth's Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Center in the South Coast Research and Technology Park in Fall River, Massachussetts.

Feel free to visit us at the offices & workshop at the ATMC, Suites 103 & 105.

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