Hydrographic data can provide critical information about the depth and character of the bottom of a body of water. SeaVision has performed hydrographic surveys for clients around the world, during every phase of projects.


Since SeaVision's founding, we have remained committed to delivering a full range of mini and inspection-class remotely operated vehicle (ROV) services.


SeaVision continues to garner high esteem by providing targeted application of sidescan and multibeam SONAR, marine magnetometric surveying, sub-bottom profiling, and sediment sampling, which can aid in the identification of navigational hazards, the location of buried pipelines and submerged cables, and the characterization of architectural features prior to, during, and after construction projects.


Drawing upon our years of experience supporting the marine construction and dredging industries, our sediment sampling and characterization services aid in the planning, design, and construction phases of a variety of underwater dredging projects. Utilizing vibracore, direct push, grab, and customized sampling techniques, we can provide clients with a turn-key sampling and sediment characterization solution to meet their project requirements.

"Admiring the surface of the ocean without ever exploring what lies beneath is like going to the circus and standing outside, staring at the tent."
- Dave Barry (Author & Humor Columnist)

Our employees' extensive backgrounds in the earth and oceanographic sciences have helped us grow familiar with many of the challenges related to responsible shoreline and underwater asset management. Extreme weather and environmental conditions can obstruct even the most thoroughly planned projects and leave everyone involved feeling much less like a circus ringleader and more like the guy with nothing but a chair between himself and a hungry lion.

Because, we understand that no two projects are exactly alike, we always dedicate the time and consideration required to effectively determine and implement the most effective solution (or solutions) for every project.

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SeaVision Underwater Solutions Inc. is a certified, Veteran-owned small business (VOSB) that delivers targeted survey and investigation solutions to support an increasingly diverse, global clientele in the effective management of waterfront and underwater assets.

For over eight years, SVUS has garnered an exceptional reputation for acquiring and interpreting underwater information via a wide range of remote sensing, sampling, and investigative techniques. Our services can provide essential support to a wide range of industries, from marine construction, dredging, water supply, and flood control to hydroelectric power, oil, gas, and offshore renewable energy.

We appreciate your interest in SeaVision Underwater Solutions Inc., and sincerely thank you for taking the time to explore our website. We always welcome questions, concerns, and inquiries regarding the breadth and scope of specific services.

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